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Short Film Selections

Want some inspiration for your next project or just need more short film? Look no further than the Short Film Selections below.

  • Short Film Selection 60


    Join Vaynermedia CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk as he gives us a look into his life at the helm of a busy marketing agency. This is DailyVee – Episode 036.

  • Short Film Selection 59


    Please for your own safety and that of your girlfriends, always follow the Club Policy provided. Also, make sure you wear goggles.

  • Short Film Selection 58


    Only Human is a comedy animation about how an alien being might behave if they were to discover the modern man.

  • Short Film Selection 57


    John Wikstrom brings to life a story left to him by one of his followers. Player Two is a beautiful story that has been beautifully recreated.

  • Short Film Selection 56


    When a man is born with a rare optic disorder that only allows him to view the world in black and white, he gets the urge to find a solution.

  • Short Film Selection 55


    Watch this short to find out how to lose weight and learn a few life lessons in the process. Great comical work from Jash Network!

  • Superbowl 50 – Top 3 Ads


    Superbowl 50 is here! That means so are the adverts, The Local Film Network’s favorites along with some honourable mentions.

  • Short Film Selection 54


    Two Femme Fatales are out on a mission to take care of their latest problem. Fashion and flash cars are in abundance. Watch & Share Ladylike here!

  • Short Film Selection 53


    This loving animation shows a boy’s personality change upon receiving a surprise gift. The Present was created by Jacob Frey from Germany.


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